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Hurricanes winds have a pressure of over 150 mph, which can blow outdoors and cause significant interior damages to any home or business. In more severe cases, it could cause damages to structural building. Impact-tested and garage doors are proven to serve as protection against Florida's inclement weather. We can provide you with the best impact doors and windows in Hialeah FL, and accurate installation service to keep your structure all year round.

Unlike the traditional doors, our impacts doors are made of thick fiberglass or aluminum facings, matched with wood and composite reinforcements. Our hurricane windows and doors in Miami stand out among the rest due to our unique design with supported hinges and frame. Our impact doors are proven to be durable after undergoing a series of extreme tests.

The hurricane doors and windows we provide comply with Florida building codes and guarantees improved safety. Also, they offer a significant number of benefits, including UV protection, noise, reduction, improved energy-efficiency, and many more.

Our Impact-Resistant Doors

We form partners with renowned and trusted brands to offer a full variety of Hurricane doors, including; 

Fiberglass Doors

Manufacturers and designers enjoy working with fiberglass because it molds easily to create the needed designs. You can also opt for that particular door frame you've always wanted without panicking about it getting warped or distorted over time. The fiberglass doors are super easy to clean.

Whether your impact door choice is a single fiberglass front door or two doors that swing out, a wood frame for your fiberglass can increase curb appeal and provide incredibly realistic maple tones to your home.

The use of impact glass in fiberglass doors guarantees you all the needed protection against heavy weather. Visit us today for your Fiberglass doors impact-resistant windows in Hialeah. We got you covered!

French Doors

The majority of homeowners in the U.S consider French doors an aesthetic style option when seeking a new home or wanting to renovate their existing home. The good news is that our French doors are incredibly affordable, sturdy, and versatile than you might ever think.

Our Impact French doors can be incorporated within the home to separate the indoors from verandas, pool areas, patios, and porches. Also, they can be made use of in separating two interior rooms to maximize space.

Metal Doors

Aluminum metals or stainless steel doors are better choices for places like Florida, which is a hurricane-prone region. They firmly stand against hurricanes, heavy winds, and flying debris that comes along with the tornadoes too.

Our metal doors are a resemblance of handpicked wood grain in terms of texture. Many opt for these steel doors for security reasons; however, their little maintenance requirements and ease of installation with bonded hinges and holdfasts have provided them popularity among homeowners. Your investment in our metal doors and hurricane proof windows for sale would be worthwhile.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are commonly found in tropical parts of the nation because they give room to the creation of seamless flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Our Impact sliding glass doors are constructed to offer security, natural light, energy efficiency, and significant amounts of customization options.

Entryway Doors

Entryway doors can either be front doors, back doors, or side doors and can as well be manufactured from a full range of materials such as metal, fiberglass, or wood. However, ensure that your entryway doors carry a layer of impact glass, so they're weatherproof.


Are you having any problem in deciding on your Hialeah hurricane windows and doors purchase? You can explore the differences between our varieties of impact doors in Hialeah.

Impact Doors Hialeah

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Impact Doors Hialeah

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