Power washing is one way to clean your home’s exterior thoroughly. It is also effective in preparing the house exteriors if you want to paint it. But just because your neighbor grabbed a pressure washer and went to town on his house doesn’t mean you should do the same. Be aware of the risks of pressure washing your home when you don’t do it right.

Power washing is suitable for any home. In terms of cleaning, it is effective in eliminating dirt, mold, and mildew. Thus, it can prevent damage to your home and protect the health of your family. You can also remove grimes, bird droppings, and unsightly stains.

Once done right, power washing San Jose can do incredible benefits for your home. But find out about the other benefits of power washing and its dangers when you don’t do it right.

Is Power Washing Good For Your House?

Power washing offers benefits for any property in the Bay Area. It can provide effective results that you and your family can enjoy in the long run. Here are some benefits of power washing your home.

  1. Cleanliness. Power washing, when done correctly, may remove dirt. It includes bird droppings and unattractive stains from your home. It not only increases curb appeal but also makes you feel happy about the “new” appearance of your home. 
  2. Maintenance. Power washing is essential to any home maintenance. It keeps your home in tip-top shape. At the same time, it can prevent bigger problems in the long run.
  3. Safeguard Health. Power washing San Jose offers more benefits than risks. But it is only effective if you let professional power washers do it on your home’s surface. Mold and mildew are harmful to your house and your family’s health. 
  4. All-Around Cleaning. Aside from the exterior, power washing can work on decks and railings but only at low pressure. You can also rely on it for wood and vinyl fence cleaning at medium pressure. 

What Are The Dangers of Power Washing?

Power washing offers tremendous benefits, but it can also have dangers. Note that it usually happens when inexperienced people do it. Thus, it’s best to consult an expert if you decide to power wash your home in the Bay Area.

  1. Ruined Exteriors. The use of high pressure on some surfaces can ruin its appearance. There’s an appropriate amount of pressure on certain surfaces. For example, wooden decks and rails require lower pressure than concrete. Houses can withstand rain and other moisture. But a full capacity power washer can ruin the exteriors of your home.
  2. More Damage. If done wrong, power washing can damage sidings or knock them loose. If the user doesn’t know what they are doing, the mortar on brick homes can also get blasted away. Power washing can cause holes in your siding, vinyl panel breakage, and other issues.
  3. Broken Screens. A person without knowledge of power washers can destroy window screens. Inexperienced hands can cause leaks in window seals and more.
  4. Paint Removal. Power washing your exteriors at inappropriate pressure can remove the paint unless it is your goal. But if your goal is to clean your house exteriors, you don’t want it to happen.

Why Should You Power Wash Your Home?

The exterior of your property is constantly exposed to harsh elements. Natural elements such as the sun, wind, dirt, ultraviolet rays, insects, and birds. Not to mention acid rain, smoke, pollution, and car exhaust – regularly wreak havoc on your property, causing soiling, discoloration, and damage.

Power washing your home may appear to be an unnecessary expense. Still, it should be part of every homeowner’s maintenance regimen. It is the most effective and efficient approach to protecting your investment, time, and family’s health.

Prevents Costly Damages

Moisture during the winter can cause severe damage and stains to your home’s exterior surfaces. If you allow the grime to stay on your surfaces or the stains to sit for long periods, permanent damage can result. For example, mold damages painted surfaces and concrete coatings like cool concrete if left unchecked for long periods. 

Furthermore, the sunlight can cause discoloration and fade away outdoor surfaces. Thus, power washing eliminates dirt and grime from surfaces, preventing irreversible harm.

Save Money With Regular Maintenance

If you underestimate the importance of maintaining your home’s exterior, all of your investments will slowly look dirty and broken. Preventative maintenance can go a long way toward preserving the value of your home and avoiding costly repairs.

You can knock years off an older property and keep it looking new for years by incorporating pressure washing into your regular maintenance practice. It’s also the cheapest way to clean your entire exterior. Furthermore, power washing is less expensive than refinishing or repainting. 

Power Washing Primes Surfaces

If you want to refinish, resurface, or paint your home’s exterior, pressure washing is an excellent way to prepare and ensure that your present surface is ready for the new look. In addition, you’ll have a clean and smooth surface to paint on if you remove all of the dirt and filth.

Protection For You And Your Family’s Health

Seasonal allergies affect more than 20 million people and 6 million children in the United States. Pollen, mold spores, and dust mites are some of the most common allergic triggers, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (ACAAI).

Dust and mildew can have a negative impact on not only the aesthetic of your home but also the health of your family. All of the filth, dust, and mildew on the exterior surfaces of your home can be hazardous. But, using a pressure washer to remove them once a year helps keep you and your dogs healthy.

When allergies are at their peak in the spring, it’s a good idea to include your home’s outside in your spring cleaning. Power washing the outside of your home can help reduce the number of allergens in and around your home. So, it lessens the chance of producing bacterias that can cause coughing, sneezing, and having watery eyes. In addition, allergens are removed, algae and fungi are killed, and hazardous bacteria are protected using our soap solution.


We take pleasure in being environmentally conscious and responsible at FilthEase. All of our cleaning products are non-toxic and child and pet safe. All of our pressure washing methods are safe for your lawn, plants, and other shrubberies around your home. Our detergents are EPA-certified, which means they’re biodegradable while still strong enough to eliminate all mold, mildew, dirt, and debris. 

Save More Time

Pressure washing is the most effective technique to clean the exterior of your property. When it comes to cleaning, efficiency is crucial because your time is priceless. You won’t have to bother with mixing cleaning chemicals, climbing ladders, or scrubbing tough stains if you hire specialists to power wash your property. 

We can complete tasks that would take hours to complete by hand in minutes. In only one visit, our team of experts will do your complete cleaning. Take the weight off and leave the dirt to exert pressure on washers.

Restores Curb Appeal Overnight

The process of pressure washing is a healing one. You can give your home a facelift without spending a lot of money on improvements. Power washing rejuvenates the appearance of your property by eliminating years of stains and baked-on filth. It also helps your home look brand new by turning back the clock on the years.

Pressure washing is the most effective technique to clean the exterior of your property. When it comes to cleaning, efficiency is crucial because your time is priceless. You won’t have to bother with mixing cleaning chemicals, climbing ladders, or scrubbing tough stains if you hire specialists to power wash your property. 

Increase Property Value

If you’re trying to sell your home, power cleaning could mean the difference between selling and not selling. As time passes, exteriors deteriorate, discolor, and oxidize. As a result, the value of your home may depreciate. 

Power washing aids in the adhesion of a new paint job, preventing peeling and chipping and making your home appear new on its own. A nice-looking house is easier to rent or sell.

According to Consumer Reports, proper pressure washing, combined with needed paint touch-ups and exterior renovations, can help increase the value of your property by as much as 2-5 percent.

How Often Should You Power Wash Your House?

The best way to know if your home needs power washing is to look at your house. Does it look good, or do you already see some spots or molds? Run your fingers along the siding, did you see a lot of dirt? Then, decide whether it’s about time for a good power washing.

Most of the time, the best time to wipe off exterior dirt from your siding is on a warm, bright day. The sun will be able to dry the home as a result of this thoroughly. The change of seasons is also an excellent opportunity to clean off the dirt. 

If you are still unsure about the best time to do power washing in San Jose and the Bay Area, here are some tips to consider.

Set up an appointment with your expert power washer cleaner if there is a lot of dirt or if your house appears unclean.


Power washing in San Jose is essential, but it is only effective when done correctly. If you don’t have time to understand all of these things, then it’s best to hire a licensed and professional contractor who can do power washing for you. If you need help, Filth-Ease knows to remove mildew, dirt, and stains from the exterior of your home.

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