Window Film

Did you know you can transform plain glass surfaces into elegant architectural statements using a variety of design patterns, colors and textures inspired by traditional etching, frosted, textured and stained glass.

Let in natural light and enhance privacy. Create a sense of openness, even in small spaces.

Enhance smooth glass surfaces with the look of etched, treated or textured glass. Make your home or office a private space. At Epic Solar Control, we have the best finishes for protecting your windows and transforming your space. You’ll get a sense of security and comfort without having to hide or fear for your belongings.

Designer look at a fraction of the cost

Epic Solar Control decorative and privacy window films add instant design appeal without spending a fortune on new glass. From bold geometric motifs to silk elegance, these window films will inspire your interior decorator. They will beautify your home while protecting you for a long time to come.

Versatile design and privacy for any room

Decorative and privacy window films are ideal for foyers, entryways, partitions, shower doors, bathroom windows, closet doors, verandas and much more. Let your imagination run free, your options are limitless.

You will also be renovating a space in your home. investing in this type of protection will keep your property from deteriorating quickly. it’s also an investment for the future.

High quality window film installed with confidence

Professionally installed by the window film experts at Epic Solar Control. part of what guarantees our work is having a highly trained staff install our entire line of window film.  our polyester window film is designed to provide long-lasting beauty for years to come. There’s no need to worry about peeling or cracking like department store films. Plus, decorative and privacy films installed by Epic Solar Control are covered by the 3M™ Home Window Film warranty.

Why choose Epic Solar Control

Your complete safety and satisfaction is our number one goal. We are window tinting experts, and we want you to have the best window film product – and the best window tinting experience. From the moment of our first contact, you’ll know we’re on your side.

Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to find the best solution for your needs. And we will continue to surprise and delight you throughout the installation and completion of the project.

We are so confident in our products and services that all of our work comes with extensive warranties. Rest assured that we’ve got you covered.

Contact us

If you need to protect the windows of your business or property, you’ve come to the right place. Epic Solar Control is the #1 distributor and installer of 3M security window film in Texas. We do window tinting for commercial buildings and homes and much more. Don’t leave your property in the dark. Contact us for a free quote through our phone number – 469-577-9933 – or check out our products on our website and feel secure every step of the way. 

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